Voltis Home

How Voltis Home Works

Despite UK voltage being supplied at around 240 Volts electrical equipment, including everyday household appliances, actually works most efficiently at around 220 Volts. This not only means an over-supply of energy costing you substantial money, it can also damage and decrease the lifespan of your electrical goods.

As specialists in voltage optimisation (matching your electricity supply to your appliance needs) and domestic energy efficiency, our unique units can be installed quickly and easily by a qualified technician and can start saving you money immediately. With the display feature you can even see how Voltis Home saves electricity with the ‘voltage in’ and ‘voltage out’ calculations.

By reducing your CO2 emissions, the units can also lower your carbon footprint helping to control issues with climate change.

As well as appliances, Voltis Home also ensures the lights in your home only use the required amount of voltage.

How Do I Get a Voltis Home Unit?

Suitable for virtually all homes, buying and installing our domestic energy efficiency units couldn’t be easier. Simply ask Aldridge Energy to measure your incoming voltage supply; if the calculation is between 230 and 250 volts, your home is eligible.

If your single phase voltage appears to be below 230 volts, please call our friendly team for technical advice. Once Aldridge Energy has installed the voltage optimising device you can then start taking advantage of much lower electricity bills. Voltis Home also requires no maintenance and is built to last a lifetime.

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Electrical Safety Register