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Tesla Wall Connector

Aldridge Energy are a Tesla approved installer and we have great experience working with their electric vehicle chargers. The Tesla Wall Connector provides the most convenient home charging experience. Available at a flat price with simple installation and on-site configuration. Compatible with all grid topologies in EU core markets.

Wall Connector Benefits

  • Allows for the manual adjustment of max current (6, 8, 10, 13, 16, 20, 25 or max 32 A).

  • Compatible with all EVs with a Type 2 charge port.
    Example: BMW, Volvo, Volkswagen, Mercedes and Renault Zoe*

    *According to IEC 62196 (EU Standard)

Technical Specifications

Home Charging Basics

Model S & Model X

Model 3

Model Y

Charging Rate

4,5 km/kWh (2,5 mi/kWh)

6 km/kWh (4 mi/kWh)

6 km/kWh (4 mi/kWh)

Max Charging Capacity

16,5 kW

11,5 kW

11,5 kW

Maximum Home Charging Power

22 kW

Charging Current
(Manually set according to available power)

Typical Charge Power, 3-Phase: 11 kW (400 V, 16 A, 3-Phase)

Typical Charge Power, 1-Phase: 7,4 kW (230 V, 32 A, 1-Phase)

Wall Connector Requirements

Nominal Voltages

230 V, AC, 1-Phase: L1, Neutral and Earth Ground (3-Phase is available, L2 or L3 can also be connected as 1-Phase)

230 V, AC, 3-Phase: L1, L2, L3 and Earth Ground

400 V, AC, 3-Phase: L1, L2, L3, Neutral and Earth Ground

Charging Cable Length

Gen 2: 2,5 m / 7,5 m Gen 3: 2,6 m / 5,5 m


Max 32 A


50 Hz

Operating Temperature

-30 to 50 degrees Celsius

Ingress Protection (IP) Rating 44

Indoor and Outdoor Use

Load Sharing

  • Wire up to 4 Wall Connectors to a single circuit, allowing vehicle owners to charge multiple cars simultaneously

  • Evenly distribute power (static load management) between connected vehicles (state of charge is not the distribution criteria)

  • Account for the higher power output of the Wall Connector (22 kW) compared to the capacity of the vehicles (Model S & X: 16,5 kW, Model 3: 11 kW)