Electrical Installation Condition Reports

Call Aldridge Energy for an electrical installation condition report and survey of a property to ensure its safe for your tenant and to keep your peace of mind as the landlord and to prevent any unwanted costs. Aldridge energy carry out landlords/letting agent certificates and reports for Halesworth, Suffolk and surrounding areas also covering East Anglia.

The law and what you need to know

Landlords have a legal duty to ensure that their rental property, and any electrical equipment provided, is safe before a tenancy begins and throughout its duration.

Electrical installations

An electrical installation comprises all the fixed electrical equipment that is supplied through the electricity meter. It includes the cables that are usually hidden in the walls and ceilings, accessories (such as sockets, switches and light fittings), and the consumer unit (fusebox) that contains all the fuses, circuit-breakers and, preferably residual current devices (RCDs)*.

Certification of electrical installation work

You should ensure that you receive and keep the paperwork for all completed electrical installation work and periodic inspection and testing. All certificates and reports should include schedules of inspections and test results.

Periodic inspection, testing and condition reporting

Every electrical installation deteriorates with use and age. You must ensure that your tenant(s) – or anyone entering or using your property – are not put at risk, by ensuring that the electrical installation remains in a safe and serviceable condition. A periodic inspection checks the condition of an existing electrical installation against BS 7671, the UK Standard for the safety of electrical installations.

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P.A.T (portable appliance testing)
At Aldridge energy we offer a complete PAT (portable appliance testing) service for Halesworth, Suffolk and surrounding areas also covering East Anglia.


Electrical appliances
Most deaths from electric shock and fires in UK homes are caused by misuse of, or faulty, plugs, leads and appliances but many of these fatalities can be avoided by taking simple steps.


Under the electricity at work regulations 1989 it requires that:
as may be necessary to prevent danger, all systems shall be maintained so as to prevent, so far is reasonably practicable, such danger.


PAT Testing Explained
Portable appliance testing or PAT Testing is the process of checking electrical appliances for safety through a series of visual inspections and electronic tests.


Why do I need to have my appliances tested?
The best way of ensuring that your appliances are safe is to have a PAT test carried out on them. This is a good way for landlords to ensure that they are meeting their legal obligations to maintain high standards of electrical safety in their rented property.


What does it involve?
To establish the safety and suitability of your electrical appliances, the competent person will carry out a visual inspection of the appliance, its plug and lead. For Class I[1] equipment they will also inject test signals into the cable and appliance to ensure their integrity.


Who should do the work?
Electrical work must only be carried out by people who have the necessary knowledge, skill and experience needed to avoid danger to themselves and others. Many registered electricians will carry out portable appliance testing. 


What will I receive?
Upon completion of the inspection and testing you should receive a report that details the following as a minimum:

  • An inventory containing each appliance type, name, location and description

  • A full set of test results for each appliance tested

  • A full list of any failed items with an explanation of their failure

  • A visible pass or fail label on each appliance detailing the inspection date, next test due and the inspector’s signature.

​If you are not technically aware, then the contractor/ competent person who carried out the inspection and testing should be happy to talk through your report with you and advise you of any further action required.  

If you are a business or tool hire business then give Aldridge Energy a call and we can do the rest for your peace of mind.